About Us


J/Rocky  is a company providing independent professional services in product life cycle management (PLM). Our services are a combination of life cycle expertise, packaged services and leading PLM solutions. As an independent company we are able to provide focused expertise to our customers, ensuring a successful implementation of their PLM projects.


Our global network includes more than 300 professionals in Europe, North America and Asia. Our main partner is one of the leading Nordic PLM consulting companies,
FiloProcess AB. Together we have carried out large life cycle management projects for globally operating customers, many of whom are leaders in their fields.

For leading companies it is no longer a question of whether or not PLM should be implemented but when and how to implement it. You can get major benefits from Product Life Cycle Management in various ways:

  • By streamlining and improving the information management process you can reduce costs and increase profit
  • You are able to share product information and knowledge more efficiently
  • PLM enables you to control enhanced product development and the manufacturing process as well as increase your agility for market changes
  • You can reduce errors and improve product quality
  • PLM will shorten time to market
  • PLM brings you new potential for more efficient service business